Chalkboard Prediction


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This effect is from the brilliant mind of T. A. Waters. You will fool magicians with this one and it is as easy as it gets.

Walk out with a small chalkboard and a glass with a piece of chalk and a deck of cards inside. Remove the chalk and deck of cards from the glass and write a prediction on the back of the chalkboard; place the chalkboard in the provided stand, or lean it up against a wall. Have an audience member shuffle the deck of cards and return them to you. Now split the deck in half and have someone choose which half they would like for you to use, (this really is a free choice); split the deck in half again and have someone choose which half you should use. Continue this process until only two cards are left and then have someone choose which card they think you predicted. Turn the chalkboard around and reveal your prediction – imagine everyone’s amazement when your prediction perfectly matches the card chosen by the audience. No sleights are involved.

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