Ghostly Pocket Hank 15 Inch


“This is not your standard Glorpy…Highly recommended.”
Genii Magazine


“This is not your standard Glorpy…Highly recommended.”
Genii Magazine

“Finally they’re made the right way…These are the best I’ve ever seen.”
Denny Haney


Ghosts can’t be seen, but you can prove that they exist. Trap a ghost and your audience will believe.

Fold your hank and put it in your pocket. At any time, remove the hank from your pocket and lay it flat on a table. Fold it loosely and soon the existence of a ghost will be witnessed. Your hank begins moving and eventually the center rises up; proving that you truly have trapped a ghost. Unfold the hank and show that nothing is there. You can even crumple the hank in your hand to verify that your ghost is truly gone.

With our improved method, your “ghost” can stand, sit, turn somersaults and jump. These hanks measure 15″ X 15″ and can fold up to 1/4 their full size so that they fit perfectly in your pocket. They are made of 100% Quality Jacquard Silk and are available in red, black, purple, gray, brown and green.




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Weight .2 lbs

Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Brown, Green, Grey


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