Topit, Custom Installed



By far the most popular topit! An Ammar version with a little Fabric Manipulation magic!

Enhanced with a longer flap that is attached slightly higher in the back and a pocket on the end of the flap for inserting a card which adds stiffness and helps prevent the flap from shifting or coming un-tucked. These topits come with extra re-enforcements for added durability. When Fabric Manipulation installs your Custom Topit, the outer pocket access is included and we make sure that the opening is finished off professionally. We will match the topit and your lining to the best of our abilities with the current fabrics available in the market.

PLEASE NOTE: Special instructions apply when ordering a custom topit. After ordering, an email will be sent to notify you of these instructions. You will need to ship your jacket to us, but return shipping to anywhere in the U.S., along with $500.00 in insurance coverage is included in the price of the topit.

To our International Customers: We’re very sorry, but due to restrictions and fees on textile/fabric items entering certain countries, we are no longer able to offer custom topit installations to our international customers.




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