Psuedo Psychometry Bag Set


Psuedo Psychometry is one of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever conceived.


Psuedo Psychometry is one of the greatest one-man mentalist effects ever conceived. Our version is based on the Annemann original, but with the modern working professional in mind. Imagine, you hand out five identical jewelry bags to different members of the audience; each person places a personal object in their bag and closes the bag. A member of the audience mixes up all the bags; as each bag is handed to you, you successfully describe and locate the owner of the property inside. Add some cold reading and you have a miracle.

The audience will never know the simple detail that makes this miracle possible. You can even perform it blindfolded!

Each bag is handcrafted from black velvet, lined in satin and measures 7″ x 8″.

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